Friday, 27 May 2011

Post Card Project

I'm currently working on some designs for postcards that represent Australia. I decided to use Australian Animals, as they are a very unique part of Australia.

I wanted to break away from traditional postcards, where they are photographs of monuments, buildings or animals. usually laid out in a rigid grid, lacking movement and emotion.

I developed 6 characters for 6 different postcards. I was initially going to do 3 postcards with all the characters bunched up on the postcards, but thought they would be more successful each on their own postcard.

I used watercolour for the background and let it run and make 'clouds'. watercolour is one of those things you shouldn't control. and it took me a few shots to let it run and do its own thing.

anyway, here's an example of one of my post card fronts. The illustration isn't completely finished and not positioned quite right yet, but you get a good idea of what they will look like.

I also hand drew my own type on the front. I feel really happy with the type, it's not one of my strengths.