Monday, 14 March 2011

Welcome to my Blog

So this is my first ever blog, as established from my previous post. :D I will use it to show my illustrations and designs and also inspirations that will get me through third year. I'm currently struggling through a bit of a drawing block. And after talking to some friends in my course. I'm not the only one!
I think we have all just put a lot of pressure on ourselves in preparation for third year. I'm looking at the year as a whole. Which is a bad move. It's better to break it up into sections so it doesn't seem so daunting.
Some of the work i will be doing this year will be character development, storyboarding, making an interactive portfolio, and one of my major projects is working for "Flicks Cat Rescue & Adoption."
Check out their facebook page
Although this assignment isn't worth lots of marks, I feel like my work will contribute to some aspect of society. And i think this will be quite rewarding at the end, if it all goes successfully.
I'm also working on a Children's Book this year as part of a narrative project, and I really hope to get it published at the end of the year! *fingers crossed*
When i finish uni i would love to get into Character development for animations or games. Or storyboarding. <3

Friday, 11 March 2011

first ever post

so excited.
Finally have a blog! now I just have to upload stuff and change it up a bit!