Monday, 28 November 2011

3. Most Recent Dream: 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Ooookay. So no where in the challenge did it specify that the drawings had to be 'good.' haha. I found it SO difficult to interpret my dream on paper. Dreams are always changing and it was really hard to remember the details, but it was the feeling i tried to capture in this one. The distance i felt from the other people.

It was a really weird dream. I was presenting my story book "Oliver" which has been my latest obsession, to a panel of judges. They all seemed thoroughly disinterested in my or the book and were playing on their phones and reading the newspaper.

I remember all the pages fell out of my book and I forgot my que cards and I had a cold in my dream. It was so incredibly odd. anyway, that 2 minute doodle above is a rough idea of what the layout of the dream was like. :)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

2. Imaginary Friend: 30 Day Drawing Challenge:

I never really had an imaginary friend as a child. So I chose to draw Santa, everyone's imaginary friend. I like to think he isn't all that imaginary anyway! ;P

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

1. Self Portrait: 30 day drawing challenge

So of course the challenge starts off with one of the most difficult tasks!! self portraits! Noooo! I have never enjoyed drawing myself. Even back in primary school for homework. I could never make my drawings look like me!

I think I always tried to change the way I looked, my nose and hair and they never seemed quite right... I always tried to draw my face pointing to a side or downwards. I guess I, like many people have never been happy with the way I look.

In this challenge, I decided to base it off of a funny Photobooth photo I took of my cat stalking me, probably plotting my death. My face was all retorted and pushed in and my hair was a mess. My lips were twisted in an odd grimace and I'm wearing a dressing gown! But I went for it and this is probably my favourite self portrait so far!

It's a bit silly and not quite accurate, but I captured the quirky humor which is what defines me.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

I am taking up a new challenge.

30 Day Drawing Challenge:
  • 1. Self Portrait
  • 2. Imaginary Friend
  • 3. Most Recent Dream
  • 4. A Monster
  • 5. Childhood Memory
  • 6. Whats in Your Bag?
  • 7. Hybrid Animal
  • 8. Scene From a Movie
  • 9. Siamese Twins
  • 10. Super Hero
  • 11. Super Villain
  • 12. An Elderly Person
  • 13. A Turning Point in Your Life
  • 14. Portrait of a Pet
  • 15. A Dinosaur
  • 16. Draw Something with Your Eyes Closed
  • 17. A Delicious Food
  • 18. ZOMBIES!!
  • 19. Sea Creature
  • 20. Your Dream Job
  • 21. A Guilty Pleasure
  • 22. Favourite Cartoon Character
  • 23. Actor/Actress
  • 24. A Collage
  • 25. Best Friend
  • 26. Instrument
  • 27. Something with Sentimental Value
  • 28. Your Zodiac Sign
  • 29. The Meaning of Your Name
  • 30. Favourite Outfit.

    I am super excited about this challenge! Some of the topics will be very challenging and difficult! I know I will gain a lot out of this, like I did with my one drawing a day challenge! wish me luck!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

free falling

So yay! After my portfolio interview tomorrow, Uni is finally over! And what a full on year it has been. Probably one of the most chaotic years of my life so far... except maybe moving house during uni and having a PC that crashed all the time when I tried to do my essays. haha. It has been so full on, almost like I have been constantly drawing and under the pump for this entire year.

I'm looking forward to going away in January, that is if I don't get a job before then. I would like to have a break, but I feel so redundant not doing anything, apart from working at my local supermarket, which pays the bills, but is the least bit exciting, unless the local crazy comes in and yells at everyone...

I'm really looking forward to the exciting things coming up. Hopefully I don't get too anxious in the mean time and learn to relax and enjoy a break. I have the rest of my life to enjoy full time work...

I'm a bit nervous about the possibility of moving interstate to find work. I have always called South Australia home, and the idea of living somewhere else still seems a bit surreal, but also exciting.

Anyway, here's some of the work I have been up to over the year.