Monday, 14 March 2011

Welcome to my Blog

So this is my first ever blog, as established from my previous post. :D I will use it to show my illustrations and designs and also inspirations that will get me through third year. I'm currently struggling through a bit of a drawing block. And after talking to some friends in my course. I'm not the only one!
I think we have all just put a lot of pressure on ourselves in preparation for third year. I'm looking at the year as a whole. Which is a bad move. It's better to break it up into sections so it doesn't seem so daunting.
Some of the work i will be doing this year will be character development, storyboarding, making an interactive portfolio, and one of my major projects is working for "Flicks Cat Rescue & Adoption."
Check out their facebook page
Although this assignment isn't worth lots of marks, I feel like my work will contribute to some aspect of society. And i think this will be quite rewarding at the end, if it all goes successfully.
I'm also working on a Children's Book this year as part of a narrative project, and I really hope to get it published at the end of the year! *fingers crossed*
When i finish uni i would love to get into Character development for animations or games. Or storyboarding. <3


  1. Hey hun, I totally understand. I was speaking to the girls today, and we are ALL in the same boat. Third week in and we're already freaking out. We really are just putting way too much pressure on ourselves and thinking about it too much.

    But it's good to know you aren't the only one hey. =]

  2. I think we all need a 'chill out time' it'd be good if we had an hour break in studio so we could all wind down, have some coffee and chat. but it's all like go go go!

  3. Your stuff is amazing! I'm already freaking out about third year studio, and I have to get past second year first - eek!

  4. aw thankyou!!
    ooooh, are you doing graphic design or illustration in second year?
    yeah, it's a bit crazy at the moment! work work work. haha