Saturday, 30 April 2011


So my latest project was to draw something that represents a certain combination of words that our lecturer gave us. I found this assignment very challenging. The hardest part was thinking out of the box, and to come up with something out of the ordinary.

My most favourite visualisation I completed represents the combination of words "blue, perspective odd. And that is shown below. :)

It represents blue with the river, odd with the hairy hand, and perspective as the hand is measuring the perspective of the scene with a pencil.

My second piece was done on scraper board, which was a medium i'm not very familiar with, but loved working with highlights rather than shadows.

This image represents 'mekong, juvenile, tree.' Mekong is a river, so this is represented by the hand cupping water from the river. juvenile and tree are both represented in the small sapling growing.

My third visualisaton was done in charcoal

This also represents "blue, perspective, odd" Blue by the water, perspective by the cool perspective i drew it on, and odd by the little fish creature in the glass.

my final visualisation was done digitally, and was my least favourite out of the four, but i dont dislike it at all. Just not as successful as the others.

This image represents "shade, parallel, soup." shade is represented by the boys shadow, parallel is represented in the two boats sitting parallel to each other and soup is...well...soup. haha

anyway. I loved this assignment, and I think I definitely discovered my strengths and weaknesses here. Although digital work is faster, it doesn't mean its better. I think some qualities are lost in digital media, but saying that, some people really know how to use it and can achieve amazing results. it really depends on your style I guess. I will certainly be doing more pen work this year. :)

tomorrow I am leaving for Melbourne with some amazing people!! can't wait!! it is going to an amazing adventure. :D so ready to be inspired.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


So I told myself NOT to look at the places you can go if you win the Newstar competition. I really didn't want to get my hopes up by looking at them. But after suffering from procrastination, I browsed through all the listed design studios and died a little bit of excitement at the thought of actually going to these places....

The Guerrilla Games website looks absolutely amazing, and to get behind the scenes and see their character development and storyboarding design would be an experience of a life time... It also looks like a really cool environment to work in.

prologue also looks really awesome. *sigh* They have some magnificent designs and illustrations going on...

but whatever happens, I'm just glad I made the shortlist. I still can't really believe it...

Monday, 18 April 2011

Character Development

At the moment I am working on my narrative.
I decided to write a story in the holidays called 'Oliver.' The story is about a friendly monster who struggles to fit in with his somewhat ghastly friends.

Oliver ventures into the small town nearby to try and make friends, but everyone runs from him before he even gets a chance to say hello. Oliver struggles with not fitting in with the fierce looking monsters and has an empty feeling inside his chest.

One day Oliver meets Timothy. Who isn't scared of Oliver's appearance. They become good friends, and the empty feeling inside Oliver's chest, has been replaced by a warm glow.

This story will hopefully be picked up by the womens and childrens hospital, who will *fingers crossed* hopefully publish it at the end of the year. It will help young children who regularly visit the hospital to realise the importance of friendship even when they feel different from every body else.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

uni holidays

so i'm currently on uni 'holidays'. hmmmm i have to make a huge dent in 9 massive assignments over two weeks. i really don't have time to be doing what i'm doing now!!
oh well, just have to persevere and get through it all. I have two really good illustration tutors and my theory tutor is good too.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Feeling like a Newstar :)

Got the official NewStar shortlist yesterday. I saw my name up there with all the graduates and Honors students and felt a bit elated. My second year animations made it up there with them.
I'm very excited to be going to Melbourne with some of my best mates to go and see AgIdeas and get inspired by all their fabulous speakers!

I have also been invited to the Newstar cocktail party opening night, where all the shortlisted work will be on display in the Melbourne Museum. My lovely friend Jess has been SO SO supportive of all of the excitement, so she's coming as my guest!

My work is also getting published in the AgIdeas book for 2011, where all the Newstar shortlists work will appear. The idea of actually winning the competition does not seem realistic to me, but i could not be happier that some professional graphic designers, motion editors and illustrators looked at my work and said "yes, this deserves to be shortlisted." That makes my heart jump. :)

Looking forward to the adventures we will have in May.