Monday, 20 February 2012

Deviant Monster T-shirt Design

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This is a dear little Monster named Oliver.

All he wants is to make friends. He's the friendliest monster you'll ever meet!

Give Oliver a vote, and he'll cherish your friendship always.

Painted in watercolours, then reduced to a 6 colour pallet in photoshop. Would make an adorable T-shirt in white or pastel blue.

I'd like to call myself a bit of a monster designer, so if you like monsters as much as I do, feel free to check out my illustration page  or check out my Etsy store  I'll have more monsters up for sale soon!

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This entry features three monsters partying under a bed with the words "while you're asleep" written underneath, implying monsters like living under your bed for awesome parties!

I'd really appreciate your vote if you can spare a second! thanks again!


  1. your blog is a whole lot of delicious awesomeness wrapped up in a pretty bow.

    to be frank, i find it all to be oh so grand! x

  2. Well thank you very much!!
    That is a super nice thing to start my day with!
    Hope you have a lovely day too!!
    have a GRAND day even!