Tuesday, 22 November 2011

1. Self Portrait: 30 day drawing challenge

So of course the challenge starts off with one of the most difficult tasks!! self portraits! Noooo! I have never enjoyed drawing myself. Even back in primary school for homework. I could never make my drawings look like me!

I think I always tried to change the way I looked, my nose and hair and they never seemed quite right... I always tried to draw my face pointing to a side or downwards. I guess I, like many people have never been happy with the way I look.

In this challenge, I decided to base it off of a funny Photobooth photo I took of my cat stalking me, probably plotting my death. My face was all retorted and pushed in and my hair was a mess. My lips were twisted in an odd grimace and I'm wearing a dressing gown! But I went for it and this is probably my favourite self portrait so far!

It's a bit silly and not quite accurate, but I captured the quirky humor which is what defines me.

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