Monday, 28 November 2011

3. Most Recent Dream: 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Ooookay. So no where in the challenge did it specify that the drawings had to be 'good.' haha. I found it SO difficult to interpret my dream on paper. Dreams are always changing and it was really hard to remember the details, but it was the feeling i tried to capture in this one. The distance i felt from the other people.

It was a really weird dream. I was presenting my story book "Oliver" which has been my latest obsession, to a panel of judges. They all seemed thoroughly disinterested in my or the book and were playing on their phones and reading the newspaper.

I remember all the pages fell out of my book and I forgot my que cards and I had a cold in my dream. It was so incredibly odd. anyway, that 2 minute doodle above is a rough idea of what the layout of the dream was like. :)

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