Tuesday, 9 August 2011

1 drawing, 1 day for one month. Update

So I have been keeping up with my 1 drawing per day challenge. Some of the drawings are very average and rushed. Some are funny and some I have spent up to an hour on, but not much more than that as I don't have the time.

here's some of my faves!

This was done on a particular bad checkout shift. I thought it would be fun to make a mini series of the mundane happenings in my life...

This is a monsterfish. Sort of like a lochness monster, but not.... because it has spots and the lochness monster isn't real. duh. This is a Monish.

I have been practicing with watercolour a lot lately, as I am working on a children's book which uses watercolour. :) This is some roses my wonderful partner gave me. So i drew them...

some lips done using pen and watercolour. :P


  1. How DARE you say Nessie isn't real!! :P Great drawings, BTW :D :D

  2. I really love all of them!! =D

    So glad you're keeping up with this!