Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Last Day of Winter

Yay! It is the last day of Winter in Australia! So excited, spring is on its way!!

As a little treat for myself, I was considering buying these books...

left image: "Made & Sold"
right image: "Postcard"

image above: "The 3D Type Book"

All the books are created by FL@33, a visual communications studio in London. I only discovered this studio this morning, the work they do is incredible! It would be amazing working for a studio like that! Combining illustration, typography and craft! just wow! It would be great to do something like this in Australia!


  1. I think I have made and sole if you would like a borrow of it :D

  2. Aww thanks, but I ended up buying it. :)
    Is it good though?? Did I spend my monies well? lol