Sunday, 21 August 2011

Identity Project

I have been working on my identity for the last few weeks. It has been incredibly difficult finding a sign or logo that can truly represent myself in a business sense. Trying to create something authentic, that can draw attention, but still feel comfortable to present in a professional way has been quite hard.

I decided to focus on something I love, which is monsters. This little guy is still a concept, which will need further development. I'm really excited by this, and can't wait to see the end result. I love watercolour paints and character development, which can be pretty tricky to merge sometimes, but I think this works really well.

I will base my portfolio work, business cards and promotional piece off of this creature. I will put him in the corner of my C.V and business forms too. Looking forward to the progress.


  1. You know how much I love this and I love your work!!

    I just think, for the type, it would probably be stronger if you had the type 'just' as type.. does that make sense? Because here, it gets kinda lost with the detail and intricacy of the watercolours.. So maybe if you had the *amazing* image, and then regular vector type, I think it would be a lot stronger, especially from a distance. =D

    Hope that feedback is okay?

  2. Thanks heaps jess. I pitched that idea to David and he agrees. :) fun times ahead. Happy with the creature guy, but definitely want to get that type legible and happening. Cheers for the feedback. :)

    How is your identity stuff coming along? I'm actually really enjoying it, feeling like I can really express my illustration style and personality though this project. :)