Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New & Improved

Welcome to 'Lisa Vertudaches Illustration Blog.' just undergone some huge changes! It appears my love for owls is well known to the public, but it's good because the people love my owls! haha :D and my owlster ( see right ----> )

Would like to thank everyone for supporting my 1 drawing, every day for 1 month challenge. Had lots of positive feedback on facebook. Hilarious conversations on the net and also in person from people who have been following my progress. Not long until the end. :( I will actually be a bit upset to finish that, but I will keep up my recreational drawing. It has been a huge challenge coming up with something creative everyday.

here are some updates of my illustrations for the drawing a day challenge:

thanks for reading. have a hoot.


  1. LISA!!

    It's amazing. The new banner, new layout, new everything is AMAZING!!

    I love it so much. =D

    Well done!! xx

  2. yay!! XD
    Thanks Jess! I was never really happy with the old one. Rushed and a bit all over the place!

  3. I love your new banner that is one handsome owl!

  4. haha! Thank you!! I have a bit of an owl obsession. ;P

  5. lovely owl^^ great job :)

    congratulations from Turkey